Esnna Code

Esnna Code

The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism of Peru has reaffirmed its commitment against the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents through the implementation of the Code of Conduct against ESNNA. This initiative aims to raise awareness and train all stakeholders in the Peruvian tourism sector to prevent and eradicate the sexual exploitation of minors under 18 years old. The main focus is on creating awareness and providing comprehensive training to ensure active participation by all in preventing this issue.

The ESNNA Program and Our Commitment

This program, a part of the social development and protection policy for vulnerable populations, spearheaded by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur), aims to raise awareness and provide training to the entire tourism sector in the country to prevent and ultimately eliminate the sexual exploitation of minors. Recently, we have achieved the CALTUR Certification – Level 2, also granted by Mincetur, showcasing our alignment with the most rigorous government regulations to ensure optimal tourism quality.

In the case of authorized and certified travel agencies like Let’s Go Machu Picchu, adherence to the ESNNA program requires following a Code of Conduct, established in collaboration with Mincetur. This code mandates that the company disseminate the initiative, its rules, and objectives, and provide adequate training to both staff and providers. The company pledges to uphold all the requirements of the Code in its operations. Despite child trafficking remaining a significant issue in Peru, we are actively contributing to combating it by promoting ethically responsible tourism.

Let’s Go Machu Picchu is dedicated to fostering development, economic activity, and improving the quality of life in the destinations we visit. Our commitment to the ESNNA program also plays a crucial role in reducing and ultimately eradicating the sexual exploitation of minors in these tourist areas.

Concrete Actions – ESNNA Code

«Adherence to the ESNNA Code of Conduct commits us to consistently implement a series of actions that are carried out and reinforced as part of our activities.

Our office staff, as well as logistics personnel (guides, chefs, drivers, porters), are already adequately trained to contribute to the Code of Conduct. We do not, under any circumstances, offer or entertain any requests related to sexual tourism involving children or adolescents, both for ethical and legal reasons, to both national and foreign tourists.

Similarly, we collaborate closely with our partners (hotels, restaurants, etc., and all their staff) to ensure the objectives and commitments of the ESNNA program are met in all sectors and stages of the tourism services we provide.

All of us at Let’s Go Machu Picchu, along with our partners in our operations, are committed to enforcing the ESNNA Code of Conduct and reporting to the authorities when necessary.

The actions outlined in the ESNNA code and Let’s Go Machu Picchu’s commitment are emphasized and given precedence within our social responsibility policies. We strive for tourism to be an activity that brings only benefits to the region and the country, aligning with the principles outlined in our mission, vision, and corporate values.»